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2018 ______________________________________________

The Flu
By: Akeesha Williams
The Flu has made its presence known in the United States making this the worst in nearly a decade. Over the United States, the federal health officials are saying the number of people who are being affected by the flu is significantly increasing. The flu is known to be fatal, and so the hospitalization rate is has jumped too. It is the highest season with the most hospilizations.

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Winter Olympics
By: Akeesha Williams
The PyeongChang Winter Olympics have arrived this year and will be kicking off today, February 9th. Katie Couric and Mike Tirico will be hosting the 23rd Olympic Winter Games. The Opening Ceremonies will start Friday morning and will be short, unlike the Summer Olympics, because of the freezing temperatures.

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2017 ______________________________________________

The Facebook Hoax
By: Ashley Bowmaster
Cnn: The Hoax says that you have to copy and paste this message in order to retain the private status of your Facebook Profile:

"Now it's official! It has been published in the media. Facebook has just released the entry price: $5.99 to keep the subscription of your status to be set to 'private.' If you paste this message on your page, it will be offered free (paste not share) if not tomorrow, all your posts can become public. Even the messages that have been deleted or the photos not allowed. After all, it does not cost anything for a simple copy and paste."

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What Caused the Hajj Stampede?
By: Ashley Bowmaster
More than 700 religious participants were killed during Thursday's annual Hajj pilgrimage. This annual pilgrimage is an event that many say every Muslim should take at least once in their lifetime. This being said, each year this holy experience takes the lives of its practitioners.

Participants in the pilgrimage found themselves trapped in a stampede made of their fellow pilgrims. Though the exact cause of the stampede itself is unknown human stampedes are not an uncommon occurrence.

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Kim Davis
By: Ashley Bowmaster
CNN: Kim Davis. Rowan County Kentucky elected official. Refused to give marriage licenses to homosexuals. Spent five days in jail. Democrat, oddly enough. 49. Elected 53% vote. Was only in office since January. Mother was a clerk for 37 years and Davis worked under her for 27 years. Rowan County , 96% White and more than 1/4 in poverty. She defied the supreme court ruling to allow gay couples to marry. "It is a heaven or hell decision" Davis said. Davis doesn't want her name and title affixed to a same-sex marriage license "that goes down in the annals of Kentucky history," said her attorney, Mat Staver. She was held in contempt. She was released on Tuesday Sept 8th.

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2016 ______________________________________________

Penn State is Victorious!
By: Akeesha Williams
I don't think we were all expecting it, but it happened, and I'm sure all of Penn State is proud.

When I asked my friends what did they think of the Penn state vs. Ohio State game, many of their faith in the team seemed down. Some of my friends even stayed back on campus due to the fact that they didn’t want to see them lose. All faith was gone.

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The Horseshoe Curve
By: Dakota J. Pierre
Many students complain about Altoona, not having anything special. However, that is where they're greatly wrong. Altoona is home to The Horseshoe Curve. While it may not sound as special, it is said to be 'one of the World's most incredible engineering feats'. The Horseshoe Curve opened on February 15th, 1854 and was engineered by J. Edgar Thompson.

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Local WWII Reenactors Honor Greatest Generation
By: Mark Frederick
Historic reenactments and reenactors connect the past to the present by offering the public with a time capsule of living history. These historians make events from many decades ago seem real and relevant through meaningful stories of both triumphs and hardships.

The Furious Fourth: World War II Living History Group is an organization from Altoona, Pennsylvania that has participated in dozens of living history encampments, formal lectures, school talks and reenactments for the last year and a half. The organization aims "to seek and convey the personal stories, struggles and triumphs of the typical 4th Infantry Division soldier who battled across Europe in World War II," according to their mission statement. .

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Art and Culture Improves Downtown Altoona
By: Mark Frederick
Altoona's original business district was once a lively hub of activity. Beyond standing as a center of shopping, commerce and industry, Eleventh and Twelfth Avenues flourished as focal points of art and culture. No less than ten movie playhouses once lined the streets. Galleries, music shops and photography studios have emerged and disappeared. Decades later, the traces of these artisans and entrepreneurs remain proud symbols of a city that has managed to hold onto some of its past artistic vitality.

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Should He Stay or Should He Go
By: Megan Delsite
Penn State starting quarterback Christian Hackenberg was not around in 1982 when the rock band The Clash released their hit song, "Should I Stay or Should I Go," but the song might just serve as the junior's theme song once the final seconds run off the clock against Georgia on Saturday afternoon in the TaxSlayer Bowl.

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Local Penn State Altoona Instructor Wins Big in Trentino
By: Megan Delsite
For the first time in the history of the contest, the United States has medaled in the prestigious World University Games, bringing home third place honors.

On December 20, 2013, the U.S. Womens National University Hockey Team won the bronze medal after facing off against Japan. This is the first time that either the men's or women's team has received a medal at these games.

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By: Tyler James Skipper
Heartbreak is a 10 letter word.
It's something I think is absurd.
How can a person we fell for cause so much pain.
It's like living in a world full of rain.
The tears may or may not flow.
When they refuse what you try to show. . . .

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2015 ______________________________________________

He's Fricken Here: Penn State Kicker Ends Illustrious Career
By: Megan Delsite
Sam Ficken is Penn State's man of the hour, just like he has been for the last five months. It all started with his game-winning 36-yard field goal against UCF in Dublin, Ireland, at the Croke Park Classic and . . .

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Women in Engineering
By: Megan Delsite
A high school senior's main focus for the year may be finding the perfect prom outfit, zapping the pimple on the end of their nose, or convincing Mom and Dad to extend their curfew, but Gloria Andrade-Feraud couldn't care less. She was too focused on creating a life-saving device.

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My Living Statue Experience
By: Ryan C. Showers
As part of my Women’s Studies 106 class, I recently participated in a performance inspired by Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking. Everyone in my class created their own statue, and we then displayed ourselves for the campus to observe.

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Women Be Angry
By: Ryan C. Showers
Pacific Standard magazine recently published a study entitled Anger Reduces Women's Ability to Influence Others. The piece focuses on society’s reaction to anger and how it differs between a man expressing his anger and a woman expressing her anger.

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Winter Classic
By: Megan Delsite
The rumor of a Winter Classic between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers at Beaver Stadium has been circulating for years, but a few recent developments may bring fans one step closer to the long-fabled game.

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Spring Week Events on Campus are sure to bring a Crowd
By: Paige Consoletti
The Campus Activities Board has been busy year round preparing for a week long of fun for Penn State Altoona Students. Spring Week is a chance for students to have a little fun and enjoy themselves before the stress of finals week.

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THON Continues to Rise not only Millions but also Awareness
By: Marra Aurand
It has been said that once you step into the Bryce Jordan Center and experience THON, your life will chance forever. Penn State students continued to make a difference and change people’s lives as they raised an impressive 13.3 million dollars towards pediatric cancer.

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Mary Elizabeth McCullough Wins ECAC Scholar Athlete of the Year
By: Jay Wareham
Perhaps no one better exemplifies the true meaning of a student-athlete more than Penn State Altoona swimmer Mary Elizabeth McCullough. On September 29, McCullough was recognized as the Division III Eastern College Athletic Conference Women’s Scholar Athlete of the Year. She is the first athlete at Penn State Altoona to be recognized with this award.

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"Play Ball": Benefits of Youth Sports
By: Jay Wareham
As we approach spring, the childhood memories start flowing; the trees blowing in the wind next to the roller rink, the smell of fresh grass on the baseball field, and the layer of fog coming off the pool in the morning air.
Youth sports don’t just provide “fun” memories; they contribute to the physical, cognitive, and social development of children.

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2014 ______________________________________________

First Friday Starts the Conversation
By: Jay Wareham & Amanda Williamson
Penn State Altoona has introduced a monthly event for students, faculty, and staff to talk openly about social issues. First Friday was established by the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, and is led by one of its directors, Matt Stumpf.

"The main purpose behind those is to have these conversations started between faculty, staff, and students and to have a place where students can come and share ideas," said Stumpf. "The faculty, staff, and administration truly want to hear from the students…they really want to know what’s going on."

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The Jewish Student Association is Returning at Full Force
By: Jessica Henri & Kristin Gearhart
The Jewish Student Association is now an officially recognized organization on campus that has been completely revamped. Jessie Blank, the president of the group, decided to make the organization official to establish a stronger Jewish student community.

"JSA’s purpose is to build a connection with other Jewish students culturally rather than just religiously," said Blank, a sophomore accounting major. "Not everyone, including me, has a strong religious background and this is a way to tie in the different aspects of the Jewish community."

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MLB: Making a Change
By: Chelsea Blake
With Major League Baseball starting up, I’m ready as much as the next baseball fan to enjoy the warm weather and watch the games. This season will bring a new spin to several rules that we have never seen before.

While watching a game, I want to see a lot of action and excitement. A guaranteed exciting play is always the collisions at home plate when the catcher is going for the ball, and the runner is sliding in for the run. A new rule that MLB is experimenting with in the 2014 season won’t likely eliminate collisions, but it should bring down the number of injuries brought on by them.

A Feral Cat in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush
By: Drew Hawley
February 7, 2005. It is a brisk winter day in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania. A rank smell permeates from a condemned house, garnering attention from the neighbors. When an investigation of the domicile was launched, a shocking sight was uncovered; the house was filled to the brim with feral (non domesticated) cats.

Public Act No. 235
By: Jack Ross
There are laws already currently set in place pertaining to minors and the purchase, or rental of "Violent Video Games." The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has been working with video game companies for years, setting ratings from early childhood, all the way to adult, where one must be age 18 and up to purchase/rent a video game, very similar to the ratings set in place for the film industry. However, if a parent or legal guardian is present and consents to the purchase of the video game by the minor, regardless of the rating, then the purchase is authorized.

2013 ______________________________________________

Non-Fiction #1 - Buttons
By: Brendan Sheehan
The old sticky pictures show my brothers fully decked out in their best costumes held together at the waist by their trusty utility belts that kept all their crime fighting essentials - you know, tissues, string, crayons and candy - standing with their best posture as if they were about to be inspected by Drill Sergeant Batman himself. The Station Mall had never seen such a pair. My mother must have looked batty marching around with these two hyper boys dressed for Halloween in June.

Laughing at No Laughing Matter: A Film Review of Modern Times
By: Drew Hawley
Charlie Chaplin is a performer like no other. Becoming one of the biggest stars in the early days of cinema, Chaplin had a knack for physical comedy. In addition to making people laugh and feel good (which he was exceptional at), he also knew the power that images had on the public.

Personality Profile
By: Drew Hawley
But no matter how much love that they have for each other, every fairy tale does not have a happy ending. found that 36.6 percent of women and 38.8 percent of men aged 20-24, which is around the age that Katelyn will be when she marries Tony.

The Psychological Pitfalls of the Internet
By: Drew Hawley
The Internet has become an all-encompassing tool that we have come to rely for everyday life. Almost anything can be done online, reading the latest news, catching up with friends, paying bills, shopping, an educational schooling system, watching videos, playing games, or just surfing the web, can all be done on the Internet in the comfort of your own home.

The Shocking Growth of the UFC in the Current Sports Landscape
By: Drew Hawley
We have become accustomed to calling our favorite leagues by initials. The NFL, NBA, and the NHL are the lead examples of this idea, and a new sport has joined them in this very exclusive club, and that organization is the UFC. But what is interesting is that these three letters, the U, F, and C, have become so far engrained into the minds of the viewing public, that they have become synonymous with the sport as a whole..

How to Make our Dreams Come True: The Important Job Skills for Future College Graduates in the Midst of the Great Recession
By: Drew Hawley
College students have great aspirations that usually hit all of the plot points of a typical
Hollywood script: graduate in four years, get an entry-level position in the field of your major, and
work your way up the ladder to the job that you worked years to attain.

The Perception and Misconception of Teen Moms
By: Vanessa Kattouf
The drawstrings of Kourtlan's saffron fleece hoodie were sopping wet and tattered. She had been craving the smell and taste of laundry detergent for months...

Why the Philadelphia 76er's Should Resign the Oft Injured Andrew Bynum
By: Drew Hawley
The Philadelphia 76er’s have a very big decision to make regarding center Andrew Bynum that will impact the team for the considerable future.

Penn State's Bill O'Brien: Foolish or Wise?
By: Drew Hawley
With the recent head coaching openings after the end of the NFL season, one of the hottest names in the coaching carousel was Penn State's Bill O'Brien. Bowl Ad.
By: Andrew Sheedy
Throughout the history of Super bowl advertising, it seems that the commercials are going beyond the limit to test comfort zones with our attitude towards perception.

Lacrosse in Blair County
By: Brook Kasianowitz
The Northeastern part of the United States is home to more lacrosse programs than every other region combined. This includes professional, college, and high school lacrosse. The quick paced sport of lacrosse has yet to catch on in Blair County. Not one public or private high school in Blair County has a lacrosse program.

2012 ______________________________________________

Lifetime of Blues
By: Drew Hawley and Vanessa Kattouf
The sanctity of Penn State was at a tipping point.
A well-known name in college football had been dragged through the turf, and the public was digging for the details that had allegedly been buried since 1998.

Quay Hanna: From Negative Thoughts to Inspirational Actions
By: Ashley Boyer, Katelyn Piper
Quay Hanna, a motivational speaker, spoke at Penn State Altoona about his struggles as a racist. He was a self-described redneck from a small rural town in Pennsylvania that didn’t have much diversity. He discussed reasons why he chose to travel the country on a Greyhound bus. Also, what life lessons he learned and how he was forced to confront his personal views about black people.

A Place to Pond-er
By: Jarrett Ammerman, Tom Trexler
The students are back on campus at Penn State Altoona. Amidst the hustle and bustle between classes, students may take a pass by the defining landmark of the campus: the reflecting pond.

A Magical Sport
By: Nicole Nelson, Megan Riner
It was a warm September evening, a hint of magic in the air. The scene outside Beaver Stadium in State College was as if it were straight out of J.K. Rowling’s mind. For those who are not familiar with the popular Harry Potter series, the sight of twenty-something year old students running with broomsticks between their legs would be laughable.

Grant allows Penn State to research origami of the future.
By: Drew Hawley, Justin Rushde
A $2 million grant by the National Science Foundation will allow a team of engineering and art professors from Penn State and two other universities, to develop origami type folding materials for a variety of fields.

All Aboard!
By: Megan Riner
It started with an idea. It gained the attention of a group of very committed volunteers. It grew into one of the most well known and respected landmarks in Altoona.

Altoona City Council Meeting
By: Eleni M. LeVan
Fire safety and the 2011 Budget Preview were the most talked about topics at the Altoona City Council Meeting on October 13.

That 70s Show Semiotics
By: Eleni M. LeVan
In this semiotics analysis I will analyze various aspects of the popular television show That 70s Show. My semiotics analysis will look at the relationships between characters, diversity in relationships, the ideology of the show and aspects of it as well as "The Circle" and its significance to society and the characters within the show.

The Beatles Utopian Search for Perfection
By: Eleni M. LeVan
Throughout the Beatles career their songs reflect a search for perfection, a “perfect” love and a peaceful world. With their use of characters, sound effects, and narrative story-telling abilities, the Beatles allow their listeners to take a ride with them, a ride into a utopian world of unrequited love and octopus’s gardens.

By: Samantha Fuluare
On Thursday December 1st, faculty of the Penn State Altoona community gathered together in a Teach-In to discuss the events that have been occurring over the several weeks that have dealt with Jerry Sandusky affair. Speakers at the Teach-In were Dr. Samuel Findley, Dr. David Parry, Dr. Nicholas Rowland, Dr. Julia Hudson Richards and Dr. Lauren Jacobson.

Corporal Harry Raymond Harr Memorial Bridge Dedication
By: Samantha Fuluare
Members of the Hollidaysburg, PA community gathered together Thursday, November 3, 2011 to dedicate the I-99 Bridge to Corporal Harry Raymond Harr, of the United States Army. Corporal Harry Raymond is being honored for his brave and heroic actions during World War II, when he smothered a Japanese hand grenade with his body and saved lives of four other soldiers.

2011 ______________________________________________

We Always Stay Young: There is No Midlife Crises
By John Dawyot
Warnings of the tragedies of getting old are always floating in the air. They paint the scenario of one day waking up in the cool hours of pre dawn morning sitting next to a woman that you just realize you don't love, surrounded by a house you loathe, with a job you hate, with kids to take up every second of your waking life - their little adventures taking the place of the big adventures you dreamed of when you lied awake at night with your whole life ahead of you - this haunting image is the last danger in a life that exiled adventure centuries ago.

Trend Story
by Venessa Katouff
April Blum was like an officer preparing to go into battle. The 38-year-old stood in the empty parking lot with her cadets, her piercing green eyes anchored on their destination: Bello’s Market. Blum's finger-combed auburn hair was parted unevenly and tucked loosely behind her ears. Her troop was small in number, short in stature, but large in heart, having known Blum their entire lives.

New Buzz
by Vincent Sbarra
There is quite a buzz going around about the new Facebook layout, and the opening of Google- Plus to the public. Many people are excited about Google-Plus and not so happy about the new Facebook feature called the timeline.

Feature Story
by Vincent Sbarra
The scent of fall radiated through the air, but for one high school, all that meant was the smell of horror, and sadness.
Two years ago on a fall day, right before Halloween, the air was crisp and the sun was shining. The day seemed as if it were the beginning of a perfect Halloween weekend. But, the night before was filled with a haunting terror, and a terrible event. As students piled into Webster Schroeder High School, costumes in tow there were only a handful of students who knew of the tragedy.

Undecided Weather May Make for a Rocky Finals Week at Penn State
By Eleni LeVan
With highs this week only to reach the mid-twenties, finals week for Penn State Altoona is up in the air. Snow showers are expected every day except Thursday including a Winter Storm Warning that has been in effect since the weekend. Hazardous winter weather is likely, which will pose a problem for commuters as well as students on campus.

Online Magazine Prepares Students for Real World
by Jason Vogel
Manya Blackson, 22, analyzes her situation. She prepares for her graduation from Penn State Altoona with a baccalaureate in Communications, and she’s nervous, even terrified about entering the work force. She has never, as she puts it, “worked an official, paying job before.” It has never been necessary.

Downtown Center Brings Altoona Back to Life
by Eleni LeVan
Penn State’s Devorris Downtown Center is helping Altoona make a comeback as a commercial center, according to officials and residents.
Film making allows students to create
by Cara Beemiller
Final Cut Pro is the program used to edit some of the most famous movies in Hollywood. This same program is used to prepare up and coming film students at Penn State Altoona.

Kelly will rejuvenate Notre Dame
by Shawn Hallahan
Many old Notre Dame fans remember the last time the Fighting Irish were a national power.

PSU players are paid with tradition
by Shawn Hallahan
With all the controversy surrounding Cam Newton and the allegations that he or his father may have accepted money to play college football, a dark storm cloud has been cast over Auburn University.

The arts help create Blair County’s feeling of community
by Courtney Foor
Born as a booming railroad town, Altoona’s industrial history is well known, but what about the arts?
For many, love of dance begins early
by Megan Riley
A mother in Altoona goes through the same routine everyday. She wakes up her child, feeds her breakfast and dresses her. But today, she’s trading in the normal toddler attire for a pink leotard and ballet shoes. She’s not getting her ready for another day at preschool; she’s getting her ready for Mommy and Me dance class at Altoona Dance Theatre.
In tough economy, arts groups scramble for funds
by Nicholas Shoup
In November, the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art held a casually chic event: The Art of Wine and Fashion. The event began with wine and hors d'oeuvres at a reception.

Blair's arts festival has an important mission
by Alex Belisari
Besides bringing together the local community to celebrate art and its many forms, the Blair County Arts Festival has always had another underlying purpose.

Local classical music scene strikes the right note
by Ryan Burchill
Like many people involved in the arts in Blair County, Welsh seems to take care of everything, period.
Area business feels "knead" to contribute to the arts
by Ashley Kendle
Benzel's Bakery is providing the community with more than just delicious old-fashioned pretzels; they are financially contributing to several arts organizations in Blair County

2010 ______________________________________________

Second Mile
by Eric Hanson
Going to great length for kids.

by Matt Koeck
Healing place for God's creatures.
Then and Now: A Penn State Alumnus reflects on change 70 years later
by: Ashleigh Veneziano:

2009 ______________________________________________

Staff writer Students Being Held in Check
Nate Cobler, Nick Cushion and Eric Hanson

Not So Novel Approach
by: Matt Morrissey

Facebook: Use with Caution

Gina Grove and Matt Morrissey

Smoking Feature
Brittany Smith

by: Elizabeth Bartholow

Blu-ray vs. Traditional DVD
Gina Grove

Spirit and Opportunity Roll On
Matt Morrissey

2008 ______________________________________________

Generation Text: Communication in the Digital Era
Brittney Tyler

College Drinking Age: 18 or 21?
Aaron Tippett

Drugs in Rural Pennsylvania:
Anthony Bookhammer

Web Story
Sara Kylor and Danielle Reilly

: Steve Maggio

Transferring to University Park: not as scary as it may seem
By Ashleigh Veneziano

College Students Are Working Hard For Their Money
By Michael Hunter and Rachel Thomas

Students need to consider both sides before becoming a Resident Assistant
By Ashleigh Veneziano 

2007 ______________________________________________
A Rivalry About to Come to an End
by Danielle Reilly
Locks of Love
Danielle Reilly & Sara Kylor
PSU Altoona Basketball Team Review
by: Tyler Franklin and Ryan Yoder
Alcohol Free Options
Julia Scheeler
Registering Now Vital for PSU Altoona Students
y: Dustin Parks and Mike Corcoran
y: Danielle Reilly and Sara Kylor
The Arc of Blair County
by Jill Maurer, Hope Martin, and Marchelle Smalls
Buying a Vehicle
by Dustin Parks, Mike Corcoran, and Ben Loewen
Everyday Lives
by Tyler Franklin, Chelsea Zsifkov, and Alison Stago
Cultural Emersion
by Cindy Boore
Educational Video Games
by Anthony Fair, Sara Kylor, and Danielle Reilly
Funeral Preplanning
by Janee Wilson, Richard Merritts and Andrew Schultz
Creative Writing
by Katie Rennie
2006 ______________________________________________
School Security
by Jennie Kennedy, Rachel Thomas, and Mike Larry
Culinary Arts Students get a head start at the GACTC
byTiffany Leiba, Amber Smith, and Amber Steiner

Skills: Helping the Community
by Josie Kilcoyne and Chris Lawson

Silence of the IPODs
by Mike Bowers, Mark Cooper , Andrew Leckman

How Food Allergies Can Affect Your Life
by Todd Bennett, Nicole Grove, Erin Gavin

2005 ______________________________________________
The Countdowns
by Hunter Karns

Hawthorne Project
by Ray Bollinger

Upping the Ante
by Mark Cooper

Convicted Murderer Escapes Custody
by Kat Davis

by Todd Dinsmore

Mosaic Committee
by Ama Fofie

Having Fun and Learning English
by Ben Barger

Deeper Meaning
by Dena Dalesandro

Lorraine Warren Bringing Ghosts to Altoona Campus
by Matt Dorcik

Lorraine Warren: Investigating the Paranormal  
by Jason Feathers

Sunday Night Film Series 
by Elliott Geist

I Think, I Wonder, I Understand
by Bill Hartsock

Is It Really About Fences?
by Elyse Little

Lorraine Warren
by Andrew R. McGhee

Healthy Habits
by Kim Seidel

Grab Twist Pull
by Gina Spogli

The 2nd Mile
by Matt Yankowitz

Not So Sweet After All
by Becky Gordon & Michael Bartholow

Jump Start
by: Brian Smithmyer & Gayle Kleinosky

by: Brian Smithmyer

John Wilson: A Passion for the Game
by: Branden Snyder & Gayle KleinoskyProduced by: Rosendo Keazer

by: Anthony Fair & Tiffany Cohen

2004 ______________________________________________

Piscataway Indians
by: Michelle Fenchik

Puttin' On the Hits
by: Sheena Cooper

A Downtown Favorite
by: Tyler Rowles

Talent at CAC
by: Colleen Foy

General Jack Keane
by: Kate Irwin

The Mid-Night Cure
by: Kate Irwin

Judith Meisel: Holocaust Survivor
by: Jennifer Pope

Penn State Altoona's Men's Soccer Team
by: Lauren McGuirk

Surviving the Holocaust
by: Sheena Cooper

"Ham on a Roll" Promotes Disability Awareness
 by: Colleen Foy

Dorothy H. Mackey
by: Geraldine Etienne

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