Art & Creative Work

by Akeesha Williams


If there's one thing my mom drilled into my head is that outside our neighborhood, the dark contained mystery, and anytime passed the sunset is when things got a bit, alarming. It was her way of keeping me within the parameters of our neighborhood. However, she didn't have to scare me to stay here, because I didn't want to leave at all. We were fortunate enough to live in a town that others who were less unfortunate would deem perfect. Sometimes, it was almost too perfect. The picket fences were eggshell white with no hints of a stain. The grass on every lawn was groomed. I don't think I've ever remembered a time where someone's grass went uncut. They wouldn't dare because presentation was everything. Everyone in the neighborhood knew this. Everyone in the neighborhood knew each other, or of each other. We all seemed to be one happy family.

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Moves in Space
by Akeesha Williams


Sometimes I wonder
What’s Gods plan for me?
Or is God even real.
Am I too weird?
Or am I basic among everyone else.
I just move with time
In hopes that my questions
Will sober up
Kill all curiosity that I have
Before it kills me.
Move within the space of my mind
So that I can avoid reality
More than ever I wonder
What's Gods plan for me?

by Shannon Williams


They believe that because I'm undeveloped, fresh, and emergent, in a simpler way to put it, that my brain can't comprehend basic things. You know basic things such as love and taxes. It's the simple things such as knowing the difference between my left hand to my right and reading the time on the clock. How hard is it to put coffee beans in a coffee machine? It's pretty god damn hard if you'll ask me. It's pretty goddamn hard pleasing the hasty adrenaline driven customers who have certain coffee preferences.

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